Pass The Tat

Pass The Tat

Stay tuned for Passthetat to start up again. Currently on a season break.



#PassTheTat is a live streaming show that airs every Monday (evening) on my Live.me channel, @YoPickles. Each week I feature  People  who will beam in  live and share their tattoos and the stories that go along with them. I also will include the featured guest to do a mini take over on my snap chat! @ieatpickles1111

Join us each week for a fun look at ink around the world and find some new Periscope Live.me  and Snapchat friends  and  along the way.





Want to be a guest on #PassTheTat? Here’s some FAQ:

I only have 1 tattoo, can I still be on Pass The Tat?

YES, every tattoo has a story, 1 tattoo or 100, we want to hear yours.

My tattoo isn’t very good but the story is, can I join?

OF COURSE! We take all kinds of tattoos, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Where can I watch past episodes of #PassTheTat?

Wanna be a FEATURED guest on Pass The Tat? Let me know!