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New season has started ! 

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 Looking for Talented people to start  the newest  Season !

Blabsgottalent was a huge success but its time to move platforms! For the first time on Facebook join in at Fb @faceyourtalent


Round 1 August 27th was a great success! Watch the replay here!




Congtrats to all the contestants involved on the show! Take a look at the amazing Finale! Every one did so amazing !



Special Thank you to the amazing community Love In Action who will be donating the Grand prize  to the 1st and 2nd place winners!



Bog congrats to the Minor Keys for winning Season 1 First place

One purpose Mime -Second place

The real Fabe- Third place



Love in action logo

Who is Love In Action and what is their mission?

@LoveinActionTV is the first network on Periscope where you can find shows that will, enlighten, uplift & inspire you all in one place.

@LoveinActionTV is committed to expanding our boundaries, uplifting our essential selves & creating peace through understanding.

@LoveinActionTV believes that we all have a light within us, and the discovery or re-discovery of that light will assist in raising the vibration of ourselves, and in turn the planet.

We are an ever growing community of shows. We are starting with 15 shows. Our vision is to eventually become a 24/7 network with shows that will challenge, teach & inspire you to be the best you can be…

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2016 Face your Talent Hosts:

Meet the host and creator of Face Your Talent , YoPickles!

Co host Mary Desmond  Singer/Songwriter -You tuber

Mary Desmond’s  project “Save me ” was created to help raise awareness on cyber bullying. Please support her by sharing out her video!



Round 1 Special Guest host , Comedian and snap chat genius @imnickrobertson


Nick snap

Watch Imnickrobertson snap story here!

Round 2 Special host  Brazilian singer song writer Joao Terra!


joao terra


Episode 3  Special Host Kellie Lewis


Episode 4 Special host Robyn Schall