While living in South Korea for six years, Chelsea quickly discovered that there was an underground treasure trove of talented tattoo artists working in the shadows to avoid a law prohibiting anyone other than a medical practitioner from doing tattoo work.  She has building relationships with artists and studios across Asia, promoting their work, and connecting them with tattoo enthusiasts across the globe. Her Facebook group ,Inked Korea has grown to over 8500 members .

Chelsea will soon start expanding reaching bigger countries such as USA and Australia.

 Chelsea’s focus and  interest has been in connecting people, promoting talent and creativity, sharing my love of travel and culture, and bringing awareness to the tattoo sub-culture and tattoo artists  across the globe.

She excels at storytelling via live streaming  video and Snapchat, sharing her love of tattoo culture, graffiti street art, events, travel and amazing people.

Chelsea (Yopickles) has a few  popular live-broadcast shows that air weekly, including a talent show called Face Your Talent  on Facebook  , a tattoo focused show called “Pass the Tat” on Periscope and Live.me  , a show  called Pickles Play Ground  on  Busker , Good news News show every Sunday  and a featured travel show  on the new app  Live.me



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Face your talent Starts August 27th on Facebook @yopickles and @faceyourtalent